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Pressure Washing vs Soft washing

Who would have thought pressure cleaning was more complicated than spraying water? Who would have thought you couldn't just spray high pressure water onto your home's siding to remove organic growth? Both of those questions are things we face daily in our business. We have customers almost every day questioning why we use treatments instead of just pressure cleaning. Our hope with this blog is to educate our friends on how to properly maintain their home.

Let's start with the next question… What is organic growth and what does it look like? Well, if you step outside and look at the concrete, or siding, or roof of a home… you'll be able to see nasty black stains, deep or light green marks spread out, moss, discoloration of material, etc… It will always be there and will always come back, no matter what. However, we must maintain and keep organic growth from staying long-term on our property. If not addressed, all that bacteria and mold will affect your home first… and then your health. At first, it eats away at the paint and grains of the home's surfaces. Next, the organic growth enters the atmosphere. For example, we hire A/C companies to not only maintain the systems but to keep mold out of the air. When there is bacteria and mold in the air it makes us sick. Therefore, if you do it inside… why wouldn't you do it in your outside living spaces?

Now that we're clear on how to identify organic growth and why it should be maintained, let's move on to the difference between pressure washing and soft washing. Mr. Powerwash of Palm Beach uses pressure cleaning wands and pressure cleaning surface cleaner equipment to utilize high pressure water blasting to lift mold, stains, and bacteria. Mr. Powerwash of Palm Beach also uses low-pressure soft washing equipment that mainly uses treatments and chemicals to clean properties. In the simplest way put, pressure cleaning lifts the surface stains and soft washing deep cleans and rids the bacteria. There's no doing one or the other as much as we'd like to. If one just pressure cleaned their siding, roof, driveway, patio, or fence… they run the risk of: not fully cleaning the mold, stripping paint or grains from the surfaces, or simply hurting oneself. We've seen guys blasting high pressure with no harnesses on roofs, destroying the grains of the roofs tiles and endangering themselves.

We must use soft wash properties for the best results. It uses low pressure cleaning methods to safely remove mold, bacteria, and any organic growth. Pressure cleaning is great for masonry and driveways/walkways. Although, nobody should really pressure clean the siding or roof of their home. It's ridiculously high risk and cuts down the lifetime of the surfaces exponentially. We use chlorine and surfactant (soap) mixed with water to wash the properties. But don't worry! Mr Powerwash of Palm Beach is the expert in proportioning our treatments and keeping it as low as possible in order to keep your gardens and surfaces clean. We water everything thoroughly and guarantee nothing less but excellence.

Thank you for considering Mr. Powerwash of Palm Beach for your pressure cleaning and soft washing needs!


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