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Driveway and pool patio cleaning in jupiter fl

Hey everyone, Gus from Mr Powerwash with another happy client.

Our humid Florida weather and the blazing sun support a fast deterioration of any outside surface and let colors fade and algae build up. And if you hoped for the winter coolness to kill these intruders you will be disappointed: Unfortunately, algae and fungus don't go away in our Florida climate, they just become dormant during winter - waiting for spring to blossom again. As the algae and fungus grow on your patio or deck, they prepare the grounds for moss to hold on to. Moss roots can also work their way into wood decks or other wood structures.

Today, we did a driveway and pool patio cleaning for Lauren in Jupiter. We also detailed the walls around her sliding doors.

Lauren has a young boy who likes to play outside. Because of this, she requested that we use no chemical for the cleaning. We agreed because we were worried about the child inhaling the chemical and getting sick.

We started off with the driveway and used our surface cleaner to push all the dirt and black algae to the bottom of the driveways. Once we finished, most of the grime built up at the two ends of the driveway.

We went ahead and moved on to the pool patio and sliding doors. We cleaned it up while avoiding any debris falling into the pool. We then moved back to the driveway and cleaned the ends.

The budget for this job was $350

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So good coming home and having a clean driveway AND no bleach smell!

- Lauren L |


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