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Shingle roof clean

Another roof brought back to life by your friendly neighborhood spider man! I mean, professional exterior cleaner.

Hey everyone, Gus here with our latest work, a shingle roof cleaning.

This roof was covered in dirt and black algae. Our clients knew it was time to get it cleaned and they were pressed with time.

Uncle HOA came and gave them a warning so they called us up to get it cleaned.

We are always able to work with clients under a pressed time, that's a sacrifice i'm willing to make personally to ensure the best customer service. More importantly, I'm happy to do it.

This roof cleaning was in Tequesta, near the water.

We watered all the plants to keep them saturated during the job. Then, we applied an eco-friendly chemical to the roof and let it absorb all the grime. We followed up with a SOFT wash to rinse it out. The last step was to clean out the gutters, thoroughly. And once again water the plants.

The results were amazing and we left with yet another happy client.

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